Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Food Memories

             I'm trying to figure out what continuously drives me to food. Is it the appreciation for the back breaking, time-consuming labor that goes into the produce. . . Or is it the product of the labor.
             Delicious, perfect in their own right, fruits and vegetables that when utilized properly are taken to a completely different level of greatness. Or is it the ability to take this produce and utilize it to its utmost potential and then provide it to the consumer, just to see their reaction.                   
              The happiness, comfort, satisfaction- all euphoric, for both the consumer and provider,  enough to push even the greatest of the greatest to strive for perfection each time*.
              It is definitely a mixture of all of the above, however, it has a lot to do with those food memories. The way food can outline ones life fascinates me, and very much so, i would like to be a part/ the creator of the food that will be remembered throughout ones life. The ability food has to send you soaring back to the very first time you tried french fries with ketchup, braised short ribs, truffles, whatever it may be it's amazing.
       It makes your mouth salivate, your eyes open wide, while your soul is in complete bliss.              
              Food memories, they make eating that much more pleasurable, and for one to be able to trigger, pin-point, or even pick and tease at these individual moments is enough to drive me to be that person with the ability to do so.

*Perfection, isn't possible, and not everyone will enjoy the food placed in front of them, for whatever reason that may be, it's just not possible, however the steps one takes in order to prevent these moments, and even the steps one takes when these moments do arise make all the difference in the world, and might even be perceived as perfection or flawlessness. 

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I think the enjoyment of foods comes from our family. I can remember the times my mother would make Mole and all the ingredients, the time, the smell and best of all the eating. Although my mother never allowed in the kitchen when she was cooking, I loved the dishes she made for us.

Now married I enjoy watching, reading, and sharing food ideas with the husband. Most of all I enjoy watching him throw a dish together just for me! I love my husband for this.

How with one ingredient a simple dish can make the dish absolutely different and delicious. The comfort and the tast buds waking up.

Kudos to you for going after the one thing you love to do. You will develope your own style and different foods. We can only wait and be so lucky!

Tia Martha