Friday, March 27, 2009


I for the longest time, have had this fixation for having everything new. No matter what it was, it had to be new, but lately -i guess because of this economy- i have been trying to make the most of what i have, trying to be more resourceful.
I use to help my Grandfather do yard work when i was younger, and just recently realized that the same tools we would use were still at Grandmother's house, stored away (new ones had been purchased) So i gave my Grandma a call and asked if i could borrow them, and well now the tools are back to good use.
Thanks Grandma!!!


Anonymous said...

I think both Grandma amd Gramdpa (may he rest in peace) are very happy to know that the tools they both used so many years ago will continue to be use by you. Love You.

MrBrownThumb said...

It is cool that you got the tools from your grandma. At the end of summer check out the clearance sales for garden stuff to find great deals.

Garage sales & Craigslist are great resources for garden stuff too.