Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Seed Saving: Tomatoes

Saving Seeds: 
              Just like everything else that i do, i strive for perfection. I want to not only learn how to garden, but to eventually be self-sufficient. It's a dream, but i would love to not have to go to the supermarket one day, instead solely relying on my own produce.. or that of other farmers/ homesteads.  From that point i want to try to raise poultry, then maybe a few lamb, and pigs.. However, i believe that the next step for me now is to save seeds, or attempt to.  I've looked into several articles, and watched several videos on saving seeds and for the most part what gardenweb.com has said has been the consensus for saving Tomato Seeds. which is what i'm trying to do now. If anyone has any recommendations on a great book out there, i would love to read it but for now i will stick to the majority for now...

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