Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jamie at Home: Cook Your Way to a Good Life... Review Part 1

I have had this book for some time now, and have enjoyed it very much, but to be honest I never really have read it. You see, i've gotten into this bad habit of buying several cookbooks at the same time, so I often end up flipping through them all and then thoroughly reading one at a time. Well I'm glad that I bought this book, and wish I would have read it sooner.

This is more than just a cookbook, it is almost like a manual. Jamie Oliver did something pretty cool in this book, he not only shares his recipes, but also shares his secrets on how to grow the vegetables.

 He divides the book into seasons then chooses a specific vegetable or protein as subdivision within the season. One of the many things that I enjoyed about Jamie at Home is that it appeals to everyone, as opposed to just chefs or home cooks. It is a book that in my eyes will be frequently revisited and has rightfully deserved a place in my bookshelf.

I have yet to come across a recipe that  have not wanted to try.


Abbie said...

I have a few of Jamie's cookbooks....they are full of good ideas and the recipes that catch my eye usually become family favorites.

I'm always a bit ashamed to have a "celebrity chef" cookbook like his mixed in with my more "serious" cookbooks, but he is really a cut above the rest.

Finding My Green Thumb said...


I definitely agree with you, they are full of good ideas. But even though he is a "celebrity chef" it doesn't deter me from his book. Surprisingly there are actually some really good celebrity chef's out there..Rick Bayless for example...some might even say Thomas Kellar and Alice Water are of "celebrity status" and their cookbooks are Amazing.

Mr Brown Thumb said...

I've never read a book by Jamie or seen him on the tele. Although, you mentioning that he gives growing tips has me curious to give the book a once over.