Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Propagating a Japanese Maple...i think? part 1

On the way to and from work there are a few Japanese Maples that have been tempting me to buy my own, or possibly try to convince the owner to let me have a cutting. Working in a kitchen you go to work early and get out of work late, so i never really found time to ask for a cutting, and just figured I'd add it to my list of wants and needs. Well on the 29th of december one of the particular Japanese Maples I usually pass by had two large branches ( what seemed to be ) pulled off, and I couldn't help but think of it as an opportunity to attempt to propagate it. Then naturally it bothered me that someone carelessly tore the branches off.

Apparently my ambitious excitement has gotten me a little over my head, as I researched propagation from cuttings, I began to realize that I didn't know much about Propagation at all. the first mistake I made was that its not exactly the season for propagating. Most if not all propagation is done in mid to late spring when things naturally grow. The second was that I just neglected the branches in my hot apartment for a few days - luckily they don't look dried out. And finally third, I have horrible lighting in my apartment...

With all these things working against me, I'm still going to give it a shot.

 My first attempt:

I grabbed a branch that looked lively cut the smaller branches that were on it and cut it to be about 8 inches and stuck it in a gel 2 root pack... not to sure if it will work..im doubtful, but im also hoping im wrong.

My second attempt:

The one I have more confidence with, but involves me having to buy stuff is going to involve soil, rooting hormones, and a pot.. this will be part 2

This isn't going to exactly be an overnight project so updates will be done..wish me luck, and look for part 2 very soon.

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And Sow My Garden Grows said...

good luck! keep us posted on how things go :)