Monday, May 25, 2009


Because I had left my Garden unattended for three days i had some cleaning to do. There so happens to be a big tree next door, truth be told i'm not to sure the type of tree but i will find out, this means that i constantly have leaves and seeds falling into my garden.
Well as i was cleaning i realized that if i had decided to wait one more day i would have had a bigger weed problem. These seeds had begun to sprout, hopefully i got them all before they took root.

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garden girl said...

looks like a silver maple, sorry to say. We have three of them in our backyard - they're awful, messy, invasive trees. If they didn't give us such nice shade, and if we could replace them with more desirable mature shade trees, I would take them out in a heartbeat.

The good news is the seedlings are very easy to pull, the bad news is they will sprout anywhere, including cracks in sidewalks and against the foundation of a house. Keep an eye out for them, and pull them while they're small so you don't have to dig them. (They sprout all kinds of suckers if you cut them down when they get too big to pull or dig. If that happens, be vigilant and pull off the suckers as they appear - usually within a season the roots will starve and the tree will die.)