Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In the Dead of Winter

I have become a product of Gardening. My every thought seems to be about my Garden and how i can improve it this year. Flipping through Seed Catalogs in order to find the best seeds, anxiously awaiting the day i can actually plant them, and watch them grow. Thinking up plans as to how and where everything will go. The thought as to whether i'm buying to much, or maybe not enough...
I'll have more space this year to plant, which gets me even more anxious, knowing that i will have hard work ahead of me, but more of a challenge than the last.
Chicago winters are cruel in the sense that they love to play with our emotions..Especially now when the days begin to warm again..just to drop back down to where they were in a week or so..Chicago winters are definitely a test of patience...the snow..the ice..the cold cold winds..the short days and loong nights...Yet I have been using this time to learn from my mistakes as well as to Learn new things, in order to ensure a hopefully healthy garden.

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MrBrownThumb said...

You probably will end up with enough seeds. I rarely find that to be the problem. Leave yourself some room for some seeds you may encounter in person if you visit garden centers.