Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Than Meets the Eyes

          It seems that over the course of a few years, gardening has become the latest trend. Mostly due to the downward spiral the economy has been going through. Everyone wants to "Be Green" and "Eco-Conscious". So, just like myself, they start to garden, and attempt to reduce their Carbon footprint. Educating themselves, attending seminars, doing research, and possibly even trying to educate others. Shunning the use of "unnatural" items, such as styrofoam and plastic. There's nothing wrong with this, by any means. Let's just hope that it isn't the latest trend, that will end up yesterday's news like Hammer Pants.

Gardening will never fade away, it's a necessity. However, the people's interest might, which is a concern. When you start to garden it can definitely be overwhelming, causing some people feel like a failure because they weren't an instant success, when recycling seems too much of a hassle, or a person stops caring (or for some, never cared) what he/she puts into there mouth, a true crisis, will have evolved. That is why Gardening has become something that is more available to the public. Chef's are and have been writing books about gardening/ cooking. Gardening books themselves are geared towards the people and not just other Gardeners or Horticulturalists. The President even agreed to have a vegetable garden in the White House.

I personally fall under this "trendy gardener" title because I began gardening two years ago. The first year, I felt like a failure. No matter what was done, I could not get anything to grow, and became very disenchanted with the thought of gardening. The Second year, there was an opening at the Crepe stand at the Green City Market, and knew it would be a great way to meet farmers that would be able to give me some tips on growing vegetables, and keeping them alive. I gathered all the info that was shared and used it as fuel while I gardened, keeping everything in mind and doing extra research on my own. I gave it another shot, and the rewards were great! Not knowing that I then would be consumed by gardening. Taking care of the soil, making plans for the following growing seasons, recording the success and trouble with some of the vegetables I tried to grow. Then looking for ways to improve them for the following year.

Gardening will be a part of me from now on, becoming something that comes across my mind more frequently as I realize there is MUCH more for me to learn.

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