Sunday, February 21, 2010

My First Seed Swap

                  Even though Twitter and Facebook are great ways to meet other gardeners, I've always been more of the traditional type, where I like to meet people in person, prefer writing letters than email, and talking as oppose to texting. So when I seen the open invitation by SnarkyVegan (on Twitter) I instantaneously accepted. Not knowing what I was getting myself into- insecurities running throughout my head ....
                 We arrived at the house and Snappyjdog welcomes us in, and right away all my worries and concerns were left behind with the cold winter breeze as the door was closed behind us.
Introductions were made SnarkyVegan was the host, Snappyjdog was the coordinator/ Birthday girl, Stuccolow, MySkinnyGarden, Debbie  and Michelle were all in attendance and drinks were offered as well as snacks ( and I sure love snacks!) everyone mingled talked shop and had a blast. Debbie brought great home made salsa, SnarkyVegan made this amazing pesto that had pistachios in it, and Snappyjdog brought these ridiculously tasty cupcakes from Swirl.

                 On to the nitty gritty... If you want to organize a seed swap following the Guidelines here should lead you to a nice clean swap.
                                           these are the seeds i brought to the table.

I don't think that my first seed swap experience could have gone any better, I can't wait for the ones to come. Thanks to all who made it great.


Gina said...

Alex - it was great meeting you! I can't wait to grow those Lao Green eggplant but I'm probably going to need your help with a recipe I can actually use this stuff in, because I'm clueless!

Thanks for this great description of the seed swap. I threw my post together way too quickly, not even taking the time to link to the other folks who were there and I've been feeling guilty ever since. Now I can just direct people to your blog!

And Sow My Garden Grows said...

Thanks for posting the seed swap info & thanks to Gina as well for the great details! This would be fun to be a part of. Also ~ your seed packets are great!

MrBrownThumb said...

Did you make the seed packets yourself? That's pretty cool.

Finding My Green Thumb said...

Sorry for the late response:


The pleasure of meeting you was my own! Very surreal. I've never grown them before but i have used them, and they're very pretty! also unlike other Eggplants. more firm. I'd love to share a few recipes.

To be honest, i like your post about the seed swap better than mine, which is why i linked my post to your blog ;-) But thank you very much!!

And Sow My Garden Grows

Oh no problem at all!! thank you for reading!! Next time one comes up, you are definitely invited!! And thank you very much!! I'm currently working on some more seed packets :-)


Yes i did..ha ha ha...thanks